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The multipurpose bike lane

When I ran video Wednesday morning of my ride across San Jose on the brand new bike lanes on 3rd & 4th Streets, I didn’t have this in mind.

Bike Lane door zone animation

Streetsblog SF posts a nifty animation showing the doorzone danger in many of your typical bike lanes.

Armored vehicle crushes bike lane parking scofflaw

Update: Video! Vilnius, Lithuania apparently has a problem with entitled luxury car owners who use bike lanes as their personal free parking. It’s become so widespread that the mass media have picked up on the meme of people posting photos of these parking scofflaws to social media networks. Vilnius Mayor ArtÅ«ras Zuokas decided to take read more »

NYPD says ride like this

The danger and fun of mandatory bike lane laws as demonstrated in this video by Casey Neistat.

Sterilized bike lanes

Bike lanes blocked by double parkers, delivery trucks, and debris are a fact of life for many American cyclists. This week, many year round cyclists are dealing with bike lanes that are used as road side snow storage as snow plows push ice and snow into the bike lane.

Florida mandatory bike lane law

Florida cyclists are asking you to call the office of Governor Charlie Crist now to veto the Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles bill, which adds a mandatory bike lane provision to Florida law. If this law is enacted, Florida will join six other states with discriminatory bike lane laws that require bike lane use by read more »