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Chicago Mayor’s office brags about new bike infrastructure

The city of Chicago Mayor’s office released this video on their new buffered bike lane on Dearborn Avenue.

Ht/T Jinny Jin Jin and GRID Chicago, which talks about the new Dearborn lanes in much more detail.

Felony charges against Chicago cop who hit cyclist with truck

Early on the morning of August 3, 2012, two cyclists were riding together in Humboldt Park, Chicago, IL when Chicago police officer Michael Bergeson struck the female cyclist with his F150 pickup truck, seriously injuring her.

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Adventures of Accordo

The life, dreams, adventures, near death and resurrection of an anthropomorphic Centurion fixed gear conversion.

Filmed on location at and around Rapid Transit Cycle Shop in Chicago, Illinois by The Nixon Brothers.

Rahm Emanuel rides transit

Former San Francisco (population 800,000) mayor Gavin Newsom famously rode public transportation only in secret. Compare to Chicago (population 2.7 million) mayor Rahm Emanuel, who’s frequently seen on the “El”.

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Wheel benders

Would you park your bike here?

Whacky bike parking!

The front-wheel only cable lock solution is especially clever!

Seen at the Chicago Heights Park District headquarters and library building. Photo CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by Steven Vance.

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Bees and a bike

Jana Kinsman in Chicago started Project “Bike-a-Bee,” in which she’ll use her bike and trailer to maintain urban apiaries and harvest the honey.

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