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San Jose District 4 runoff today until 8 PM

The runoff for San Jose District 4 City Council takes place today until 8 PM. From an active transportation perspective, you have a choice between two decent candidates in this runoff between Manh Nguyen and Tim Orozco. In fact, I Walk I Bike I Vote took the unusual step of endorsing both candidates, so you can choose your candidate around other issues you might support.

Tom Orozco and Mahn Nguyen San Jose District 4 runoff


Legislation: Bicycle-specific turnout law for California?

Some of you who studied for your driving license test might know about CVC 21656 in California. This is the law that requires the operators of slow-moving vehicles — including bicyclists — to pull over when five or more other vehicles pile up behind you. Because one law that already addresses the issue isn’t enough, California 5th Assembly District Representative Frank Bigelow from Madera County, CA introduced Assembly Bill 208, which is a bicycle-only version of the very same law.

Crossing the centerline to pass


San Jose District 4 Transportation Issues

The special election to select the San Jose CA District 4 City Council is coming up on April 7, 2015. This map shows the D4 boundaries, which includes Berryessa, Alviso, and North San Jose.

San Jose CA District 4

This is the seat vacated by Kansen Chu on his inauguration to the California Assembly. You may recall Chu infamously introduced that bill to require white flashing tail lights on bicycles. Can District 4 voters select somebody a little more knowledgable on bicycle safety and other transportation issues this time around?