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Bill Cunningham rides a bicycle… in a hurricane

I completely missed this news during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: Street fashion photographer Bill Cunningham was seen riding his bike and snapping photos of New Yorkers the day after Sandy made landfall in New Jersey on October 29. The 83 year old photographer for the New York Times famously rides a bicycle all around read more »

NYC Commercial Bicyclist rules

The New York City Department of Transportation requires a “Commercial Bicyclist Safety” poster at businesses where commercial cyclists are employed.

Bloomberg: “Stay in the bike lane!”

Bloomberg takes a cab to his State of the City address and has the driver honk at cyclists before telling them to stay in the bike lane.

Traffic safety haiku!

New York City’s began installing small, colorful signs with poetic safety messages at high collision rate locations to remind walkers and cyclists to watch for hazardous death monsters.

NYPD says ride like this

The danger and fun of mandatory bike lane laws as demonstrated in this video by Casey Neistat.

Liev Schreiber rides a bicycle

Photos of actor Liev Schrieber riding a Specialized Globe Vienna bicycle in New York City on March 25.