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Parking and entitlement in Toronto

Toronto: Enraged motorhead who receives parking ticket runs over bicycle patrol officer who ticketed him.

A Toronto Police parking enforcement officer issued a ticket to a vehicle that he judged to be parked illegally on College Street West.

“The driver of the vehicle came out and became upset,” [Toronto Constable Tony] Vella alleged. “He was argumentative and belligerent towards the parking enforcement officer.”

The officer rode away on his bicycle to “de-escalate the situation,” he said.

Police allege the accused got into his vehicle, followed the officer southbound on Bellevue Street and struck his bicycle, he said.

And Toronto Mayor Rob Ford claims cyclists are ones with a sense of entitlement and privilege.


This Flipp Handle is a stem dodad that quickly unlocks your handle bicycle handlebar so you can rotate it for for easier storage. This might come in handy on Caltrain. On folding bikes, the usual solution is to fold the handlebars down, but this looks presents an interesting alternative.

From what I can tell, the inventors are apparently seeking funding to make this a real product.

More at Flipphandle.com.

College: Parking more efficient land use than bike facility

Texas community college with free parking would replace new velodrome with parking garage.

The Superdrome in Frisco, Texas built twelve years ago is a 100,000 square foot, $15 million 250 meter outdoor wood bicycle racing track. It’s a valued asset to the local cycling community with variety of events, including world-class competitions and weekly racing series. Teams from around the world use the Superdrome for training, and the facility is quickly becoming one of the nation’s primary sites for research on cycling and aerobic acitivity. The general public is also welcome to use the facility for training and for corporate events and meetings.

And the local community college wants to tear it down and replace it with a parking garage.