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Don’t recover your stolen bike, Bro

Man shot at after recovering stolen bike.

A man was driving home from the Capitola Mall when he saw a man riding what he believed was his older son’s bike on Portola Drive. He turned his vehicle around to chase the bike thief. When he confronted the bike thief, the thief dropped the bike and ran away. The man started riding the bike home but a truck pulled up alongside him, words were exchanged and someone in the truck fired three shots from what the father believed was a small-caliber gun.

More –> Santa Cruz Sentinel: Live Oak father shot at while retrieving son’s stolen bike. Via Bicycle Notes.

Alternate transportation: Santa Cruz to Sea Otter

I’m once again looking at my car-free transportation choices for traveling to the Sea Otter Festival at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey.

The audio in this is lousy, but in this video from 2009 Sea Otter, Gary Fisher tells my buddy Erik how Sea Otter at Laguna Seca is a monument to our auto addiction. He suggests the Sea Otter Classic should take place at somewhere like San Francisco instead.