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A bike boulevard, Google bike directions, and an unnecessary detour

America’s first bicycle boulevard along Bryant Avenue in Palo Alto features a number of intersections that restrict motor vehicles but allow bicycles and pedestrians to pass through unhindered. Major intersections, such as the one with Embarcadero, look like this, where cars and trucks must turn right, but bikes can continue through. Here’s the Google Streetview read more »

Alternate transportation: Santa Cruz to Sea Otter

I’m once again looking at my car-free transportation choices for traveling to the Sea Otter Festival at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey. The audio in this is lousy, but in this video from 2009 Sea Otter, Gary Fisher tells my buddy Erik how Sea Otter at Laguna Seca is a monument to our auto addiction. read more »

Bike directions Toronto, Ontario

Google Maps bicycling directions are not available for our friends in Canada, but Ride the City quietly launched Ride the City Toronto a couple of days after Google’s big bike there announcement.

Google Maps “Bike There” Is Now Live!

UPDATE: Google Maps Bicycling Directions now live for the United States and Canada. I list the tips and tricks and secrets in this post.