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Portland tops in bicycle airport access

Can you bike to the nearest airport? Phyllis Orrick of the Safe Transportation Research & Education Center and Karen Trapenberg Frick of the University of California Transportation Center examined bicycle access for airport employees at a variety of airports in the United States.

Chronic exercise benefits old age muscle mass

Losing muscle mass is thought to be an inevitable part of aging after 40 years of age, but this is based almost entirely on observations of sedentary aduls. More recent research published in The Physician and Sports Medicine, however, shows that muscle mass and strength can be maintained well into old age, which can have read more »

Bicycling aids Parkinson’s sufferers

Researchers have long noticed that exercise can benefit people with Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative disease of the central nervous system in which brain cell death results in loss of motor control. Strenuous cycling in particular seems especially beneficial.

About that Swedish commute vs health study

Correlation and causation? I’ve seen a number of links today to this Swedish study showing people who commute by bike are healthier (mentally and physically) than those who drive or take public transportation.

Passing distance vs distance from curb

Study shows gutter bunnies get squeezed; for maximum passing distance, ride three to four feet from the curb. The Florida Department of Transportation published a study [PDF] in which highway researchers measured how much room car and truck drives gave cyclists on Florida roads.

Bike + transit users needed for San Jose study

Active transportation researchers from the University of Colorado are seeking participants for focus groups on cycling and transit integration in San Jose. The purpose of the focus group is to gain insight on cyclists’ preferences on a range of topics related to the integration of cycling and transit. You must be employed and between the read more »