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Santa Cruz transportation commission survey

Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission seeks community input regarding the county long range transportation plan. You can take this short survey here. Goals 1D and 1E may conflict directly with Goal 1F in the plan, in my opinion. Goals 1D and 1E mostly seem to be about improveing the driving experience for motorists, while read more »

2010 bicycle commute data

The League of American Bicyclists announced their analysis of 2010 bicycle commute data based on the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey transportation data for 375 cities in the United States. The L.A.B. announced this on Friday night (of all times) and I haven’t looked at it yet. I’ll mention again on Monday morning, when read more »

Why do you bike to work?

  Ecology Action in Santa Cruz posted an online survey for bike commuters. They ask “Why do you choose to bicycle to work?” All of the answers they list are advantages of biking to work, but they left off the most common reason most people who bike do it. Can you tell me the real read more »

Bike + transit users needed for San Jose study

Active transportation researchers from the University of Colorado are seeking participants for focus groups on cycling and transit integration in San Jose. The purpose of the focus group is to gain insight on cyclists’ preferences on a range of topics related to the integration of cycling and transit. You must be employed and between the read more »

Women’s cycling survey

The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals asks women and girls to take this short survey to assist them in assessing what factors need to be addressed to encourage women to ride more places more often.